About Rochon Garden

For many years Gerry, Bert and Colombe continued to run the family business together. During these formative years, Diane pursued a career in the city following her studies.  As Bert and Colombe approached retirement, the need for more help persuaded Diane into joining the farm full-time.  For the next 30 years she became a familiar face to all who visited the Byward Market.   

Through hard work and perseverance, Diane and Gerry were able to usher the farm into a new era. Technological advancements and improvements in farming practices allowed them to expand the farm to new heights.  Additions were made over the years, including a strawberry farm, greenhouses and land to meet the growing needs of the family business.

Our Story


Berchmans “Bert” & Colombe Rochon  started Rochon Gardens, the farm we all know and love today.


Starting when Gerry was just a young boy, he was passed down the family knowledge on farming.  He eventually pursued other interests and attempted a career in the city.  This was a pivotal point in his life, he realized his true calling was at the farm.  

Bert, Colombe and their grandson Jonathan

After pursuing an interest in architecture, Diane and Gerry's son, Jonathan, decided that the farm was also his true calling.  He returned to the farm and helped propel the business into the modern age.  He strives to continually improve how things are done at the farm and will continue to do so for years to come.


Rochon Gardens has evolved tremendously since it's creation in 1957.  Through innovation, hard work and determination we have been able to overcome countless obstacles. Our goal is to continually offer quality food and exceptional service to all of our customers.