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Make the Right Choice, Buy Local

We put a lot of love in everything we grow. Growing fruits and vegetables in our region isn't easy, it takes time and a whole lot of passion. From seeding to harvesting, there are a lot of steps that need to be taken before our produce is ready for market or our CSA shares.

Buying local doesn't just support local farmers but it's also better for you. Produce grown locally retains more nutrients because we pick it at the peak of freshness, we don't have to travel a long distance to get to you so we don't pick before they're ripe.

Our CSA shares and visiting us our market stands are easiest way for you to get fresh, local produce. You can pick up your share at one of our conveniently located pick-up points or we can deliver it right to your door. Picking up your share or visiting us at the market gives you the opportunity to meet the people who grow our delicious produce and gives us a chance to get to know you.

Think local. Buy local.


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