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Special Edition: What's🌱at Rochon Garden CSA

We are excited and fortunate to be able to provide our weekly CSA boxes. What an interesting season this has become. It would not be possible without your support and the support of our community. Thank you for considering Rochon Garden farm fresh produce for the heart of your meals.

The following will advise you on the adjustments that we have made for our CSA pick-up locations, home delivery and our new online purchasing. New Rochon Garden Online Store

In the coming weeks, we will be implementing our Rochon Garden online store to allow contact less purchases and pickup of our beautiful hanging flower baskets and tubs. Details regarding our online store will be released shortly, stay tuned!

Due to the high demand of our CSA program this season, the purchase of additional vegetables for your share will not be possible for the time being. Should this change we will provide you with the details on how to make additional purchases.

We do plan on moving ahead with our Fruits Plus program but as farming can be unpredictable this will dependent on our crops. Stay tuned for more details.

CSA Pick-up Locations

Pick-up at our CSA Locations will be a bit different this year to ensure that you and our staff stay safe and healthy. We ask that you please be respectful of these new rules during these unprecedented times.

Social distancing must be followed at each pick-up location. Our staff will only be able to accept a certain number of customers to approach the stand at a given time. There will be signage and markers on the ground for guidance, please look carefully before approaching our stands.

Everyone will be required to use the provided hand sanitizer to clean their hands before touching any surfaces. If you are using gloves, you will still be required to sanitize your gloves before collecting your items. Staff will not be responsible for disposing of or picking up of any protective items. Please have a receptacle with you to dispose of such items if necessary.

We ask that only one person per family come to pick-up their box. You will be given your own box of fruits and vegetables to pack into your personal bags. We encourage you to bring, clean, re-usable bags. The black crates will be sanitized after each customer. Staff will be following hand sanitizing and washing guidelines.

We will not be implementing our Swap box program this year, please feel free to give any items you may not enjoy to a friend or family member who might.

Home Delivery

We have seen an increase in our number of home deliveries this season, if possible, we are asking that our delivery members place a cooler outside your door to ensure their vegetables remain safe and fresh. We have a limited quantity of Styrofoam coolers; one can be provided to you if required. We’re hoping to limit our environmental impact by reducing the need to purchasing more. If you have not already let us know, you can send an e-mail to telling us if you have your own or if you require a cooler.

Delivered shares will be packaged in bags to limit contact and allow for ease of entry to many different sized coolers. We recommend the cooler be able to accommodate approximately 2-3 grocery store bags of vegetables. The cooler can be a soft sided (Costco or large bag coolers) or hard sided (camping/ recreational). We are asking to please keep your coolers clean for the safety of our delivery staff.

We cannot guarantee a delivery time, as the delivery routes may change week to week. Please leave your cooler out the night before. If you think you might forget, simply set a reminder in your phone.

We do not have the capacity to deliver to apartments. We do offer 11 pickup location throughout the city for your convenience.

Our Eggs & More option is delicious and quite the treat. To follow food safety guidelines these items need to be kept cool and are not available with the Home Delivery option. Their temperature cannot be guaranteed during the home delivery process.

We will be providing an update on the farmers' markets through our newsletter once we have more information. You can sign-up for our newsletter at the bottom of our home page.


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