• BEFORE PURCHASE, please verify that your address falls within our delivery area map: 2021 Rochon Delivery Map
    • Unfortunately, we cannot deliver to apartment buildings with an elevator and/or "buzzer" that unlocks the main entrance.

    • Deliveries take place between Tuesday - Friday. Your delivery day will be confirmed via email prior to your first delivery, this will be your delivery day for the season. 


    CSA Summer Share  

    • $41.75 per share x 17 weeks = $709.75
    • 1 box, every week, for 17 weeks
    • June 28 - October 18
    • Perfect for 4 or more people (approx.)


    CSA Summer Share Lite

    • $31.00 per share x 17 weeks = $527.00
    • The Box size is 2/3 the size of the Summer Share
    • CSA season runs from June 28- October 18
    • Ideal for 1 - 2  people (approx.)


    • All prices  include vegetable share and $7.00 delivery charge (the delivery charge is calculated as $7.00 per box)


    • A payment plan is available for this share type, click here.

    CSA Summer Shares Home Delivery

    Share Option
    • By purchasing this package you agree to the Contract Terms and Conditions found here

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