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CSA Contract Terms

We are committed to growing and harvesting fruits and vegetables for our CSA members for the 2024 growing season. We will use our many years of growing experience to ensure you receive the highest quality fruits and vegetables in every share.

By becoming a member of our CSA program, you commit to accepting the risks involved in growing fruits and vegetables. In the event that certain products/varieties are not available, or only available in limited quantities, you agree to be sympathetic and accepting of the fact that we have filled your share to the best of our abilities. 


Please note, items found in the CSA shares are determined by the availability of the produce. Members cannot choose what is included in the share, nor can they switch out one item for another. 

By signing up for a CSA Share with Rochon Garden, you also accept that we will send you important information  and reminders concerning your share by email address and telephone number that is provided to us. 


Share Pick Up

Members commit to picking up their share at the location and during the specified time indicated at enrolment. Pick-up locations remain the same for the entire season.

****Pickups will take place on Civic and Stat holidays***

If you are unable to pick up a share:

  • You can ask someone else to come in your place, they will give your name upon arrival. Please ensure that they also bring a reusable bag when collecting the share. 

You can also request:

  • A vacation stop or deferral if you are unable to pick up your share on a given week. One week's notice is required. Conditions apply, please see Vacation Stop.

  • To donate your share to one of the local Food banks or families that we support. Please email with one week's notice. 


Home Delivery 


If you are interested in signing up for Home Delivery, please take note of the following:​

  • If you are using PayPal, please ensure you have the correct address in your account.

  • We will be delivering shares in Cardboard boxes again this year to help keep your share cool and protected. The boxes are 16" L x 10" W x 10" H. 

  • If you wish to have a cooler out for extra protection, this cooler fits the boxes perfectly. 

  •  We are not responsible for missing or stolen shares. Customers must provide a safe drop-off location for the delivery of their share.

  • The delivery staff will deliver to the exterior of the home, they are not permitted to deliver inside buildings or entryways for their safety.

  • Shares can only be delivered to one address provided at the beginning of the season. Exceptions will be made for those members who move to a new address during the CSA season.

  • If there is a week you will not be home to accept the delivery, you can have that share donated to a local food bank or have it moved to another week (conditions apply, please see Vacation Option below)

  • We cannot deliver to apartment buildings with an elevator and/or "buzzer" that unlock the main entrance.

Vacation Stop 

If you are unable to pick up your share, or you will be unable to receive your delivery on a given week:

  • You may have your share moved to another week during the same season. This will result in a double box for some members or getting a box on a week that is not regularly scheduled.


This request must be sent by email (

  •  1 week before your scheduled pick-up and is subject to availability for that week. Please include the date of the box you will be missing, the date you would instead like to receive your share, and most importantly the name or email that the account is under. 

Vacation Shares cannot be moved to:

  • the first 6 weeks of the season

  • the final 4 weeks of the season


Alternatively, you may have someone pick you up in your place. There is no need to notify us for this option. They would collect using your name when picking up. Please ask that they bring reusable bags. 


Please note that shares can be deferred to another week once per season for Half Share members and twice per season for Full Share and Lite Share. 

Missed Pick Up

Members who do not pick up their shares will lose the share for that week. Their box will be donated to a local food bank.


Please note that a cancelled delivery (without 1 week's notice) or a missed pick-up is considered a loss of the share, no replacements will be issued and refunds will not be given.

Cancellation Policy

Farming is hard work and requires a lot of planning.  The CSA program is a partnership between Rochon Garden and our CSA members.  We are committed to providing vegetables for an entire season, and CSA members are committed to receiving their share for an entire season. Upon signing up, no refunds will be given to those wishing to discontinue receiving their share.


Members commit to reading and understanding all CSA information provided. Due to many factors beyond our control, being a member of our CSA program has both risks and rewards. 

Home Delivery
Share Pick Up
Vacation Stop
Missed Pick Up
Cancellation Policy
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