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Now Serving New Delivery Areas!

Cumberland, Navan, Manotick, Greely, Metcalfe, Russell and Embrun (* Osgoode no longer available). 

Please see the maps and email your full address to ensure you fall within our delivery areas.

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We Deliver

You enjoy farm fresh fruits and vegetables

How It Works

On the first day of delivery, you will find a white insulated foam cooler box. Inside will be your veggies, neatly packed in a black plastic box.  


On the next delivery day, simply leave both boxes on the doorstep and we will exchange the empty black box with a full one.  Keep your veggies cool by putting ice packs in the styrofoam box.

What If I Forget To Leave My Box Outside?

If we come to deliver your vegetables and no boxes are left at the door, we will leave the vegetables in the black box we brought and place it at the doorstep.


On the following delivery day, we will remove both empty black boxes and replace them with a full one. If you lose, damage or do not return any of the boxes for any reason, you will be charged the cost to replace them: black plastic box $4 and insulate foam box $40.

Where & When?

We deliver to most homes in the City of Ottawa and the City of Gatineau (Aylmer/Gatineau/Hull).  If you aren’t sure if you are within our delivery zone, please email us your postal code and we’ll let you know.  

Deliveries take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

How much does it cost?

Home deliveries cost:

Full Share $39.50 per box 

Half Share $40.25 per box 

Lite Share $29.00 per box 

This includes the insulated box.

Do we deliver to apartments?

Unfortunately, we do not deliver to apartment buildings with an elevator and / or "buzzer" that unlock the main entrance.